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Cloth vs disposable, the pros and cons of each

For some mums there is never a question about what they will use nappy wise, most just use disposable nappies and never question it, for others cloth is the only … Continue reading

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From cloth to the dreaded disposable….why I went back 

Anyone who reads my blog will know how much I love cloth nappies, you could even say it’s an obsession! however the sad time has come where I have to … Continue reading

October 27, 2016 · 4 Comments

I don’t know who I am anymore

This may sound weird, or it may sound all too familiar, but I don’t know who I am now I’m a mum. As my son comes up to 9 months … Continue reading

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Cloth nappy sale

I am currently having a massive de stash of nappies that don’t suit my son anymore, all are in good used condition and for sale on eBay (UK buyers only). … Continue reading

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Things I wish I had known  about cloth nappies from the start

Everything in life is a learning experience, and using cloth nappies is no different. I did loads of research before starting my journey, but research is nothing compared to experience. … Continue reading

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Homeschool, unschool, state school or private?

My son is a long way off school age yet, but already how I want to educate him is on my mind. Everyone I know has sent, or plans to … Continue reading

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Things that freaked me out during pregnancy.

Being pregnant is strange, on the one hand it’s exciting and amazing, on the other hand it’s scary and sometimes down right weird! So today’s post is about the stuff … Continue reading

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